Auto Sensor Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser 700ml


Sanitizer sensor dispensers come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different needs. Some dispensers are designed to be mounted on the wall, while others can be placed on a countertop. Some dispensers are battery-powered, while others can be plugged into an electrical outlet.



A sanitizer sensor dispenser is a type of hand sanitizer dispenser that uses sensors to automatically dispense sanitizer without the need for users to touch the dispenser. These dispensers are commonly found in public areas in commercial settings, such as offices, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers.

  • For home kitchens, bathrooms, offices, kindergartens, schools,                airports, and hotels and other public places.Operated by Wall-mounted roof and dark button, easy to install and safe to use.
  • Battery powered: 4*01.5V AA batteries(batteries not include), can work 20,000 times.
  • Auto-sensing, free access, to prevent cross-infection.
  • Single out the liquid 1ml, avoid unnecessary waste.
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